Article Marketing Strategies – Using Libraries For Article Marketing Research |

One of the best ways to promote your website online is with articles. These are articles you write and submit them to article submission sites. You include in your article your bio and a link to your website. Article marketing research is your first step. People with websites go to the article directories and pick your articles for content on their websites. So your article is now being distributed around the internet. The time you spent writing the article might have been an hour. But the impact you will have with it will be as long as the internet is in operation.Your article should be between three hundred and five hundred words. It should only whet the appetite of the reader. That is you want to give enough information to entice the reader but not all the information that the reader does not need to visit your website. You want your reader to want more and then click the link to your website. This brings you more traffic. And if you have a contact capturing device on your website you will also be building your mailing list with your article.When you research your article you want to see what is online but you do not want to copy what is online. If your article looks like everything that is already out online, then your article is less likely to get chosen for distribution from the article submission service. Here is a novel idea of how to do your article marketing research. Go to the books in your library. You remember what books are right? Books were those pages of text bound together in one form that people read for information before the internet was invented.So dust those off and open one and do your research. You do not have to start with your books. You can find a topic online you are writing about and start with some basic research. But then find a book in your library or go to the library and find a book on the subject.You do not have to read the whole book. Remember you are writing only a three hundred to five hundred word article. You simply need a page or two of basic information for your article.Then add that to what you have gotten online and you will have an article with information that is new to the online market. Then use your book from your library or from the public library to write more in depth articles for your website. So people will read your teaser article online somewhere, they will want to know more, they will click onto your website and find more information. And then because you are proving to be an expert, they will more likely buy your product.Books are great for article marketing research. And they are great to show that you are an expert in your field. If you can find a book with an expired copyright you can actually copy that whole book right into your website. But you probably want to edit the text to fit your own market and website. So go to your library or the public library and let the research begin.