Are Paid Market Research Jobs All They’re Cracked Up to Be? |

Everywhere you look, paid market research jobs are in every single corner of the web. Are surveys right for you? How much money can you earn per month? Those are the questions I will answer for you, so that you know exactly what to expect.When it comes to paid market research jobs, you need to be aware of a few things. First and foremost, you need to know how much you can plan on making every month…How Much Can You Make? – Overall, it’s a wonderful way to earn extra money, although don’t plan on getting rich and don’t plan on making a full time income out of this venture. If you went ahead and found 5 or 6 of the most well known paid market research jobs with reputable companies, you can expect about $300 per month. That’s not bad for spending 10-20 minutes here and there to fill out some surveys, but like I said, it’s not a full time income by any means. The more research you do about new, old and improved websites can add on to that $300, though, so there isn’t a hard cap on how much you can ultimately earn.The next thing you need to realize is that you will need quite a bit of free time…How Much Free Time Do You Have – If you are always struggling to find a spare minute here and there, you should probably bypass any paid market research jobs. There are probably many more important things you can spend you time doing, rather than trying to rush through a survey. If you’re constantly running around, you won’t be able to sit down and take a 40 minute survey that pays $8.00. You can’t just do half of it and walk away. If you find yourself with free time throughout the day and can’t figure out what to do with your time, nothing is better than doing surveys. It helps you kill some time, while putting some money in your pocket.Las but not least, you need to know if you’ll like it…Do You Like Giving Your Opinion? – There’s no point to doing surveys if you despise letting companies know what you think about their products. The extra money per month is not worth the stress if you are gong to hate every click of the mouse and every hit on your keyboard. If you actually like to give your thoughts and opinions about everything under the sun, then nothing should stop you from getting involved with paid market research jobs. You need to be truthful and you can’t rush through the surveys, either. The websites have software that knows if you’re not paying attention to the questions, or rushing through them, and won’t send you any more surveys if you continue not to put in any effort.If you fall into the category of those three points, paid market research jobs can be perfect or you.